A Place Under the Sun: Radio Plays

CBC Cable (Canada New Age Cable Channel)

KTEP: Jamey Osbourne, "Audiosyncracy"

WUSM, "Soundwaves", Elliott Crawford

"Lady Pantheress Radio", ladypantheressradio.com (and Live 365)

Robert A. Zink, Jr. (Live 365 and standalone website)

WTUL, Captain Christopher

WDBX, Jerry Nelms, "Beyond the Lakes"

Radio Despi, "La Orta Orilla", Francisco Manuel, Spain

The Riverbank (Live 365)

Radio SLOR, Tim van Veen, The Netherlands

"Will surely give Tatiana more then a spin"

WERU, Karen Larsen

"Earthtones and Sunrise Service"

WAER, Eric Cohen

"In a word...ABSOLUTELY....This album is a prime example of the type of music we generally play on our Sunday morning New Age show. Thanks again for the record and we look forward to giving it some nice airplay."

Galaxie CBC, Renee Gelpi

KASU, Marty

KAOS, Scott

Delta RFI, Marius Crisitian Burcea, Journeys to the Inifinite (Romania)

KFAI, "Wind and Wire", Bill Binkleman

KESD, "New Age Collage"

KZUM, "Murphy's Magic Mess", Nadine Murphy

Reported #4 for May 2006!

WESS, "Alternating Currents"

WFIT, "Global Groove"

WSCS, "Music from the Cosmic Wheel", Brad

Reported #2 for May 2006!

Reported #1 for June 2006!

WXPR, "Solitudes"

KCWC, New Age Show, Dale Smith

Radio Mir, "Music of Spheres", Vladimir (Belarus)

WKNH, "Planetary Prismatic Psonics" Mitchell Mendys

KRCB, Linda Coffin, "The Night Traveller"

WVKR, Scott Raymond, "Secret Music"

"Aries Era", Live 365 Station

KCCK, "Night Breeze", Mark

Montana Public Radio, "Oasis", Joan

WDVR, "The Sound Alternative", Carla

We would like to thank all of the Radio Stations who played Tatiana's music.